The Project

The word prime is a synonym of ideal, top and excellent. Primetime is just that: an ideal housing option, built with top quality products, in an excellent location.

Primetime is a building plan of modern 1 and 2-bedroom apartment buildings, destined especially to those who prefer an independent and comfortable life.

The apartments were designed to optimize space, prioritizing your everyday comfort and ease. Likewise, Primetime buildings are developed in extraordinary locations, near the best shops and restaurants, ensuring an incomparable lifestyle.

Primetime apartments also offer a great quality-cost ratio, and are available at a pre-sale price with significant discounts. In addition, future owners can also apply to other financing options provided by AFD and BBVA to invest in their own apartments.


1. ¿Do you have any financing options?

Yes, interested parties can apply to financing options offered by AFD and BBVA.

2. ¿Which contractor is Primetime working with?

Primetime works with CCI, the same contractors who developed Hotel Villa Morra Suites and Edificio Miami.

3. ¿What sort of building materials are used?

Primetime contractors use only top quality products.

4. ¿Are there any common areas in the building?

Common areas include the hallway, stairs, elevator and parking lot.

5. ¿Are there any utility costs?

Utility costs are minimal, since they correspond only to the maintenance of common areas.

6. ¿Are pets allowed?

This will depend on the owners’ joint decision. The developers are not involved in this decision.

7. ¿Is parking available? ¿For how many cars?

Each apartment is provided with parking space for one vehicle.

8. ¿Is an initial deposit required?

The standard method of payment implies an initial deposit of between 10% and 25% + 12 monthly installments parallel to the project’s execution, the balance should be paid upon handing over of the finished apartment (financed by BBVA or AFD loans).
In any case, financing options and methods of payment can be set in a meeting between the developer and the interested party.

9. ¿How many floors does the apartment building have?

The apartment building is 5 floors high, counting the Lobby and 4 floors of apartments.

10. ¿How many apartments are there per floor?

There are 4 apartments per floor.

11. ¿Are there any service areas?


12. ¿Do the apartments have balconies?